Friday, July 11, 2008

Focus on South Florida

Florida Freeze is categorized as a thriller. I guess that's accurate, but it seems somehow boastful to say "My book is a thriller." "It will thrill you." or "You will be thrilled when you read it." Instead, I think of it as an action adventure with a little romance thrown in, a humorous fun-read. Sadly, the publishing industry doesn't have a category called Action Adventure With A Little Romance Thrown In, A Humorous Fun-Read, so thriller will have to do.
The publishing process for Florida Freeze began nine months ago, in October, 2007, and was officially completed on July 4, 2008. Patriotic, eh?
What is the book about? Would you believe government scientists figured out a way to make a '66 Ford Mustang fly? Well, it sort of flies. And Rick Fortune, an undercover agent for a covert government agency called Central Services, is assigned to road test the car. Just road test. No flying allowed. How long does it take before the ebullient (love that word) Mr. Fortune has the Mustang in the air? Less than 24 hours. But that's just the beginning. And there's Monique Mechante, the beautiful agent for a competing government agency; Eddie Bassford, the gambler who gets his brain circuits fried by a lightning strike (Don't worry, he's okay.); Matilda Johnson, who uses her old WWII binoculars to spot all kinds of things flying in the sky; Oscar Contreras, the charter boat captain; Cesar, the loan shark, Lurleen the waitress and Wally Weir and Jorge, and....and....and..... Okay, so I got carried away.
Hope you read it and enjoy it.